Monday, January 25, 2010

Too Much Late Night TV

And so little time. First, let me get the whole Leno/Conan thing out. I have no idea why the hell this bothers me so much. I guess it's because of my hate-on for Leno, and I hate seeing the good guy lose all of the time. They didn't need Leno at Ten. They had fine programming at that time. Why move him in the first place? I watched about 10 minutes of that show, and actually thought to myself, I would rather watch Fallon. Now that's bad. You know what would be cool? If Letterman retired and Conan replaced him. That would be the right thing to do, at the right time. Letterman has done his thing and could go out with a bang! I think the Late Show could be the new Tonight Show, due to NBC's apparent lack of honour. CBS should be making this happen right now, and then announce it immediately, pay whatever fine that Conan has to pay NBC for the apparent breach of contract he will be guilty of,and get O'Brien on the Late Show. That, if done right, would make The Late Show the top show at that time slot. Do you think it will work?Let me know. Is there anyone else on the planet actually interested in this stupid thing, or is it just me?I need to be a TV executive. I'm serious.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A query into a certain unfunny.

Wow. I just blew my top. Silently of course, not to wake anybody up, but surely loud enough to display my utter and complete disgust with how unfunny Jimmy Fallon was tonight. That guy has been the King of Unfunny for a long time now. He wasn't funny on SNL and he is even LESS funny on his show. I mean really, who is writing the jokes over there? Are they just making him look that bad for another reason? Who made the decision to hire that guy? That show is completely ridiculous. I honestly think that I would rather watch an hour of the guy who hired him just simply explaining himself on why he hired Fallon. Now that would be entertainment, watching the actual person responsible for this crap, talking about what unfunny demon had posessed him enough to hire Jimmy Fallon. Then we hire a priest, and hunt this unfunny demon down, and cleanse him before he posesses some other sap to get the nerve to hire someone who may be even less funny than Jimmy Fallon, if that is even remotely possible. Oh my Lord, where do I go from here? I guess that I should stop for now, it is my first blog and all. I mean, I have been to more entertaining funerals for Gods sake. I think even Jimmy knows it, when he walked oout, I swear he was praying. He was probably beggin for help and explaining to God exactly how he landed this job. It probably went like this:
"Oh Lord Jesus, a loving God, have mercy on me tonight.
I have just walked through the curtain, and seriously wet myself.
I'm so scared, my knees are wobbly, and I haven't the talent to be on this show, Hell,I haven't enough talent to at least make someone smirk while waiting in line at the grocery store when I comment on why Old people are constantly checking their purses for the last remaining coins on Earth, just so they won't break that 5. And why do they always have the EXACT amount of change for that very transaction, then turn to me and smile that God forsakin smile, thinking to herself but trying to project it to me. "That's right beotch, you WILL wait for my old ass and show shome respect.
Fine God, I will just have to get through this, Oh shit, the band is hot tonight, and I am trying deperately to make some sort of contact with him, to prove my hipness to him, because I am unhip Lord. And I am so alone."
Don't you dare feel pity for him, he is lying in the bed he made, which reminds me, it's late and I am tired.